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BUSTED: Online Newspaper Stalker Caught

In this case, a person was attacking our client who writes prolifically on political pieces in a popular, online news magazine.   This person created many different profile and fake accounts to stay anonymous and to counter the magazine’s constantly shutting down their account for abuse.

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ZAPPED: Self Made Video In Wrong Places

Aw, the naivety of youth. We here it all the time… Somebody makes a picture or a video in “private” only the two people are going to see it. Oops, you mean people break up and get pissed off and do vengeful things?

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BUSTED: Forum Poster Attacks Reputable Company

Client was defamed by two different people on forums. Hired us to find out who was behind the posts. One of them got caught with their hand in the cookie jar and the other one is being uncovered via Pre Discovery.

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