Facebook Libel – STOP It Fast!

Libel refers to a published false statement that is damaging to a person’s reputation. It is a written defamation that discredits a person or business. Social media sites are full of such communications, and Facebook libel is certainly on the rise. Rather than settle disputes in a honorable manner, many open anonymous accounts on Facebook and write away, to their heart’s content.

Just because someone says something you do not like does not mean they have committed Facebook libel. However, once certain thresholds have been crossed, there can be serious legal implications. If you are receiving nasty disparaging remarks either on your own profile page or are aware that they exist anywhere on the worldwide web, you can actually perform a sort of ‘acid’ test that will let you know if someone is simply exercising their First Amendment right of freedom of speech or if they are guilty of libel.

If the answer to any of the three questions below is ‘yes’, it is likely that the threshold has been crossed.

ü Did the written material accuse you of one of the following:

Being sexually deviant, committing a crime; being incompetent to perform your profession; and/or having a horrible disease.

ü Is what was stated about you false?

ü Was the material visible by more than ten people?

There are other criteria that can be used to determine if you have been attacked via Facebook Libel, so when in doubt, take action. If you suspect that you are indeed a victim of this type of communication, there are several things that can be done, and these vary widely in terms of severity. If you are sure you know who the guilty party is, you can simply let them know that the cat is out of the bag and that you intend to proceed in whatever manner it takes to get them to stop. This may go so far as to file and proceed with a lawsuit.

The most likely scenario, however, is that those who are committing Facebook Libel are hiding behind numerous accounts, bouncing IP addresses, and various other tricks of the trade. As a cyber investigation firm, Reputation Defense Online helps those who have fallen prey to libel to get their online presence back to a pristine state. Generally, seven steps are performed to achieve this:

1. Determination of the best course of action for your specific case via a free initial consultation;

2. Performance of a thorough investigative to gain information about the attacker(s);

3. Notifying the ‘attacker ‘officially that they must stop all libelous activity;

4. Building necessary case information in preparation of a lawsuit;

5. Filing a lawsuit;

6. Reaching a settlement with the attacker (if possible);

7. Completing lawsuit if necessary.

If you have experienced Facebook Libel, you should visit sit the cyber investigation professionals at There is no substitute for experienced, professional assistance when your reputation is on the line.