Google Defamation – STOP It Fast

Google is the search engine of choice for the vast majority of internet users. Millions of people log into Goggle every day and billions perform searches using the Google engine. It’s a great tool for finding a local grocery store, great prices on hotels – the list is endless. However, there is something called Goggle Defamation. You know you’ve fallen prey to this when you search your personal or business name and yes, you come up on page one, but it’s all bad.

Obviously, a few people have written articles about you that are, to put it kindly, not nice. The problem is that when there are lots of them, or they are written in such a way that Google ranks them at or near the type, the first thing people see about you or your company is negative.

When written remarks cross a specific threshold, they lead to Google defamation. Figuring out if the threshold has been crossed may seem difficult, but there are some specific questions that – if you answer yes to them – indicate that you have been subject to Google defamation. These questions include:

1. Were the statements made untrue?

2. Was the material visible by more than ten people?

3. Were you accused of any of the following:

· Being sexually deviant;

· Committing a crime;

· Being incompetent to perform your profession; and/or

· Having a horrible disease

While it is not necessary that the answers to all these questions to be ‘yes’, in order to determine if Goggle defamation has occurred, they do form a good acid test. They will give you an idea if the remarks were simply in line with exercising the First Amendment right to freedom of speech, or if what has happened to you is more correctly categorized as defamation of character.

Once you find your name attached to numerous Google listings in a negative manner, you can choose any number of remedies. You can simply find the culprit (not always easy) and communicate to them that you know who they are and that you are planning to take action against them. This is the gentlest action. The harshest is to begin a lawsuit.

As hinted above, identifying the defamer is not always an easy task. There is an additional difficulty with ridding your self and your reputation of Google defamation because once you’ve been associated with being irreputable on Google, it is especially challenging to get rid of all the defamation. Reputation Defense Online, a cyber investigation firm, specializes in guiding its clients through what can be quite a lengthy process. A bit simplistically stated, this company will :

1. Identify the best course of action to stop the defamation. This is done via a free initial consultation.

2. Actively investigate to find out exactly who is attacking you.

3. Put the culprit(s) on official notice. If your goal is simply to get the attacks to stop, this may as far as you need to go.

4. Collect and compile data should a lawsuit become necessary.

5. Actually begin the legal process by filing a lawsuit.

6. Attempt to ‘settle’ with the attacker, if possible.

7. Follow through and actually complete the lawsuit.

It may seem that this is no more than a tedious a time-consuming process, but it is way more than that. Google defamation is about as bad as it gets, and your best line of attack is to visit the highly-experienced cyber investigation professionals at